patty-kikos-power-chakra-balanceI was out shopping the other day and when I went to pay, I told the salesgirl that I wouldn’t need a plastic bag as I’d brought my own.  She nodded as we chatted and sure enough popped my things into the store’s branded plastic bag.

She caught herself doing this before I said anything, and we laughed as she remarked, “old habits die hard”. It’s week 8 of no sugar for me so I know exactly what she means. Holy Mother of all sweet cravings do I know what she means.

So many things have the potential to evoke a response from us – I think it’s called ‘life’.

As much as we may plan to stick to a resolve, different people, new events and unexpected scenarios can take us by surprise. We don’t always have the benefit of hindsight to know how we may potentially react, so initially, new habits require a bit of work.

In some cases, hindsight isn’t always helpful, especially in cases where people from our past trigger old and painful memories and wounds. Old upsets can be so deep, they hold the power to evoke old pains and patterns of many years ago.

When we respond as the former pained person that we once were, we re ignite the trigger that was once so powerful. When we respond as the person we are today, we not only actively reprograming our cellular memory, but we also create a new habit that inevitably lessens the power of the old wound.

Knowing something intellectually and on a cerebral level is only half the solution. Unless you apply this knowledge to your life in a practical way, you’ll only keep attracting the same scenario / person into your life over and over again.

Til next time xx