I started the year feeling very unsure. Uncertain of where I wanted to live (Australia? America? Sydney? California?)

Undecided about what to do next regarding my work. (Commit to my 7 week courses? Workshops? Finish the e-course?)

Unclear about the dynamics within some close relationships and feeling quite homesick for Sydney while I was in California, yet longing to be back there when I was back home in Sydney.

I took this as a sign to slow down and stop. The answers I was looking for were never going to emerge from a state of confusion. My lack of clarity also highlighted how right now is not the right time for big decisions to be made.

So on 1 January, I set the intention to surrender. To let go. To trust. 

Most of all, I wanted to strengthen my inner connection to myself again. Something about surrendering to the notion of being ok not knowing and having faith that everything will be ok, no matter what I choose.

Today marks the halfway point in my 40 day daily practice (sadhana) and I wanted to share a couple of gems that have emerged for me with you.

Leave Empty Space. Everyday. 

Yep. Since 1 Jan, I keep at least 2 hours of the day free. For magic. For the spontaneous urges to manifest into an unexpected reality.

For impromptu bumping-into-friends that extend to coffee catch ups and lunch dates.

For a long bath where I can catch up on my favorite tv shows while munching on crisps. (so decadent)!

For being able to go to the beach and swim in the glorious ocean 10 days in a row.

For the extra cuddles and kisses that my twin baby niece and nephew bestow on me.

For the soulful conversations that I can have with ease without feeling rushed about running late for something else.


Put the FUN back into FUNdamental things

I make it a point not to schedule work (or any) appointments on my phone otherwise I get sucked into the Instagram vortex).

Last year my diary was full to the brim of to-do lists, work tasks and professional meetings.

This year, I’m also scheduling in the fun things I like to do in addition to work commitments.

There’s now room for me to doodle, as well as make note of what I’m grateful for each day. Somehow the day now looks more balanced. And FUN!

The little things are the big things and over time, they turn into annoying tasks like the phone and computer updates that need to be done regularly.

Ensure your updates are up to date 

The throwing out of clutter (eg clothes, crockery + books) that accumulates and stops the natural energetic flow of new opportunities coming your way.

The update of your altar helps you focus on your intention with the pictures, images and symbols that best represent your current dream.

In fact, that’s the first thing I did when I got back home. I walked into my bedroom and was greeted by an altar that represented many aspects of a life I had left behind last year.

It depicted images of intentions that had already manifested, as well as symbols that no longer held the same meaning for me so this was the first thing that got updated. My vision board was the 2nd thing.

Despite believing that New Years resolutions just don’t work, I can’t help but reluctantly embrace these new found resolves that are already helping to shed so much light and lightness in my life.

It’s nice to make room for the clarity I yearn for to land in a space that is open, nurturing and spacious. It’s so much more gentle, loving and kind. Free from the stress and hustle that makes me anxious. I’m kinda liking the new chilled me.