Vladimir Lenin was a Russian revolutionary, politician and a socialist. Among many other ideas, he was well known for coining the phrase:

There are decades where nothing happens, and then there are weeks where decades happen.

This seems to be the most common theme for many of may clients right now. Some are still reeling from the financial pressure of interest rates soaring, others have contracted covid for the first time while others are still recovering from long covid.

Add into the mix the unrealistic expectation that professional tasks MUST be finished before the new year and the added pressure of seeing family over the holiday season, and our nervous systems are feeling frazzled.

I find that there is often a ‘theme’ with my work and the big one for this period is BOUNDARIES.

Catching up with family can make some of us feel anxious, and I have worked with many of my clients to help them become clear about what they want, check in with how much energetic capacity they actually have, and develop a plan to curate the experience they will enjoy.

I have helped them develop boundaries that don’t breach their values and some of my clients have found their voice regarding topics they don’t want to discuss, while others have arranged a gathering that does not include family members that trigger them.

Unless boundaries have clear consequences, they just become sentences with no aligned action.

And this is where I help, with the inner work that allows you to see where the real block is. For some, it’s avoiding being ‘disliked’, or being seen as the ‘difficult one’.

For others, it’s because they are not yet energetically robust and confident enough to deal with the ‘consequences’ that comes as part of the aftermath.

Having boundaries is not a destination that you arrive at, but rather a journey that will ebb and flow, much as your own needs will also traverse through different perimeter breaches snd emotional developments.

Ideally, we want to cultivate a world where our words and actions are aligned, but not so rigid that we cut ourselves off from our own changing needs and growth.

This will be my final newsletter to you for 2022 and I wanted to let you know that I have many openings this week and next week to help you clear any excess emotional stress or mental debris that may have accumulated for you.

If you’re having trouble booking a session in, please email me and let me know your ideal day and time.

If I don’t get a chance to connect with you this year, I hope our paths will cross again next year. And please don’t plug into “finishing the year strong”. 2022 will invariably end regardless of our input.

My hope is that you invest in yourself and finish the year slowly, joyfully, and free of any obligations that you have outgrown and are no longer sustainable for you.

If peace is what you crave, then be the disrupter that comes up with new family traditions that don’t render you feeling resentful and exhausted.

I don’t know about you, but the theme I want for next year is ‘fun and easy’. Years ago, I became a ‘retired perfectionist’ and I’m now officially a retired hustler.

Oh and if you think that living out one of your dreams should be difficult, the guest I interviewed on last months podcast was named NSW Woman Of The Year in 2011. She also received the Order Of Australia Medal and authored 5 books.

Impressed? Me too. But what I love most about her story is that she never finished high school. You can listen here.

Lots of love,

Patty Kikos