There has been a lot going on behind the scenes at Patty Kikos HQ that has required me to use a different kind of energy where I’ve been ‘putting myself out there, a lot more than I ordinarily do.

While it’s been exciting and offered me the opportunity to learn a lot, I’ve also felt like I’ve been a little out of my desired comfort zone, but past experiences like this have taught me that these are the times when the greatest magic happens and I’m already starting to feel some of the shifts.

Transitions that test you..

As its not my natural inclination, it has required a little more energy than I normally use at work, and as a result, I’ve needed some time out to integrate a little bit.

My introverted nature tends to be gregarious when I’m comfortable and I know people, and my preference has never been to organise the party, but to leave while I’m still having fun so that I can go home and watch Netflix while cuddling my dog.

Speaking of RuRu, that’s also been a massive transition for me as he’s now officially almost deaf and considerably vision impaired. My little white ball of fluff needs a different level of care that really pulls at my heartstrings when I watch his little body become less and less agile.

Our animals teach us so much about our capacity to love don’t they? It’s such a powerful rite of passage when they get sick or when they transition to the afterlife..

If you celebrated Pesach or Easter last week and weekend, I wish you a wonderful fun filled and joyous time.

Mine was a bit quieter this year as my twin nephew and niece were be away with their folks, so I was alone (and bored) at the kid’s table, and possibly consoled myself by eating my weight in chocolate bunnies.

I’m also working on a few projects that will greatly benefit you, and one of my exciting announcements is to let you know that I’ll be holding a retreat to celebrate and welcome the Spring Equinox in September!

Til next time, Patty