Hello, my lovely friend, how are you? First of all, happy 2024! I hope that this year brings you all the goodness that you wish for.

I am easing softly into a new month as this year doesn’t feel so ‘new’ to me as I have so many loose ends that I’m still tying up from last year. I tried to return to work earlier this week, but my body launched an official complaint with a myriad of migraines, so I sheepishly retreated and took some more time off to actually rest.

We visited our friends and family in Queensland, which is always fun, but not quite as restful as what I needed.

The ‘new’-ness of the year hasn’t landed for me yet as I’m still in the middle of so many seasons and chapters in my life that have not quite completed.

But that’s just part of life, isn’t it?

We often start something new that someone else had finished years ago, and that another person is in the middle of, while yet another is navigating it for the second or third time.

Life. It’s clunky, messy, fun, and expansive all at the same time.


In your favourite book, there will be chapters you don’t like.In your favourite chapter, there will be sentences you don’t like. And in your least favourite chapter, there will be great sentences.


Part of me envies people who share that the theme for the year will be one word. ONE? I need at least five! Do you have any words, themes, or resolutions? I’d love to hear them if you feel called to share.

One thing that has happened organically for me is the urge to declutter. And I don’t just mean just a random draw here or there. I’m talking if the sweet Marie Kondo and a militant drill sergeant had a baby, it would be me. And they would have named her Ruth, because it’s short for Ruthless.

Last year, I interviewed Kristina Duke, an expert on decluttering and home organisation. As a mum and wife who lives with 3 very different neurodivergent people in her home, Kristina has the lived experience of understanding the varied needs that many require, in order to function with joy, ease and sustainability. I love how passionate she is about bringing this level of respect and empathy to her clients, and if you’re inclined to organise and declutter like I am, you can listen to her episode here https://spoti.fi/46X9ilT

Kristina shared some great tips with me when I interviewed her last year. At the time I had no idea my family and I would have to move house in a hurry, and I took her advice about getting rid of my bookshelf and filing cabinet. I’m currently in the process of organising my digital files and trying to start a filing system for the THOUSANDS of photos I have, so if anyone has any tips, please share your wizardry with me! 🙏🏼

Until we cross paths this year, I am sending you lots of love,