Top of the morning to you sweet soul!

I’m slowly coming down from a big high after a powerful kundalini equinox workshop last Saturday.

The pic below is of my dear friend Nigel playing the didge while I walked around channeling reiki and implementing energy balance techniques while my precious babies were sleeping.


It’s been YEARS since I’ve longed for this type of soulful conscious collaboration for my work and to say that I’m chuffed is possibly an understatement.

It reminds me of a powerful lesson that I shared via a story I shared with my class that I thought you might like to hear as well.

A dear friend was relaying some happy news about one of her closest confidantes last week, and I was elated to hear that he had proposed to the girl of his dreams who had happily accepted.

Knowing that this is something he had yearned for for a very long time, I was keen to hear what had shifted in him.

It turns out that he had taken the advice of his much loved grandma who had shared some potent words of wisdom that I think we can all benefit from, irrespective of whether we are calling in a beloved, new job or new opportunity.

After lamenting that he had been trying to find a life partner for so long, but alas to no avail, his granny had said:

“Praying for what you want is only one step in the process, and is not actually that effective. What you REALLY need to pray for, is that you’ll be ready to receive her once you meet her.”

And she was right.

He took her advice and realised that there were so many incredible women out there, but because he had so much inner clearing to do, he realised that he was blinking and missing many opportunities that were coming his way.

And I guess this is a lesson for all of us isn’t it?

Whether we’re looking for a partner, a new job, a new home, or a new baby, we want to be sure that we are vibrating at the right frequency, not only to attract this energy into our lives, but to also maintain it.

Most of all, we want to have the necessary tools to navigate any bumps along the way, for even when things are perfect / right / full of love etc, there’s always going to be lessons and blocks to clear along the way!

I’m going tol pop in again on Friday to give you my October Reiki & Energy Healing Forecast, so til then, have a magical week love bug,

Patty xxx

P.S. I have a few spots left for my 1:1 balance sessions next week and you can book yourself in by clicking on this link and scrolling down to use the scheduling tool if you’d like to clear those pesky blocks. And as always, free group healings happen every Wednesday night over at my private Facebook group.