Patty-Kikos-Yoga-Teacher-Energetic-Healer-Being-FlexibleA few months ago, I attended a training seminar on neuro linguistic programming and one of the amazing gems that I took away was the concept of finding balance by being more flexible. In order to find equilibrium and harmony in our life, we must be able to change readily to meet new circumstances.

It got me thinking about how I can apply this concept to my own life, as I realised that I only ever felt balanced when everything was running smoothly and on schedule. But what about when the unexpected would happen? It didn’t seem like there was any room in my life for.. life to unfold and be spontaneous.

What if I got sick? What if a client ran late? What if a loved one needed me? Why was my time so fastidiously accounted for that it made me feel like I had none? So I decided to introduce the concept of a buffer. 

I found the balance I was yearning for by giving myself time between energetic healing clients, by honouring scheduled time for me, by teaching only a certain number of yoga classes or workshops, by officiating weddings within Sydney only, et voila, there is suddenly more time in my life.

This week, I become this flexible person who didn’t get upset when her doctor’s appointment ran 45 minutes over time. I had my time buffer – ¬†although in those situations, it also helps to have a smart phone..