Does it ever end?Does it ever end?

Does it ever seem like you’re having the same conversation over and over, yet it feels like you don’t ‘get anywhere?’

Or you stumble on yet another emotional block regarding love / money / your job / your home / your in-laws / siblings that feels like more of a boulder?

“Does it ever end?”

It’s a question I have asked myself in the past and that I often get asked by my clients when an emotional trigger seems to have been aimed at the same wound with almost military like precision

Ultimately, does our shit get cleared when it seems to be coming up time and time again?

I don’t know about you, but I truly believe that they can, so long as you start thinking of your healing journey in non-linear terms. After all, we’re all really only as balanced as our last trigger, and those things can seemingly come out of nowhere.

The process of healing is a rich tapestry that consists of many different layers.

I often remind my clients and myself, that in order to heal fully, we must also allow for time in order to process our pain, heal our wounds and integrate that lesson.

It’s not a process that can be rushed, primarily because if we did, it would actually be incredibly taxing for our nervous system.

Not only would we be in a constant state of overwhelm, but we’d also have no emotional or spiritual bandwidth to intellectually and physically process our lessons, which ultimately become our gifts that we can share with the world.

I believe that some of our difficulties are part of our life journey to work through and these become our life lessons that can range from transcending a poverty consciousness, overcoming anxiety or even learning about boundaries.

Initially, these layers that can show up as being shallow and can come across as something superficial such as feeling triggered by someone that irritates you.

When you move past this surface level, it’s usually when you’re more emotionally ready to tackle the issue on a deeper level by working through traumas of your past that act as potential sparks for your strong reactions.

This usually means that you’re now equipped to unearth a deeper level, because your capacity to heal the pain or block has now grown deeper as you’ve moved on from being a victim and blaming others so that you can edit your own story.

When you do this, not only do your perceptions of the roles others have played in your life start to change, but you also release judgement about yourself that are not in your highest alignment.

This is where compassion and forgiveness hold a big space, not only to help you release the pain and trauma from the past, but this can also show up as a way of us forgiving the society that we are raised in or the culture we are born into.

I know for myself personally, a lot of the releasing and chord cutting that I’ve done in my life has been directly related to the patriarchy I was born in to and am still affected by to this day.

Only then could I access any hope of ancestral healing from my own lineage and this has since transcended into healing my greatest passion, which is the collective consciousness for women.

Does it EVER end?

Yes. But not overnight.

I have cleared fears, pain, trauma and ancestral patterns with a lot of dedication, intention, and persistence – and while some of these blocks no longer show up –this didn’t happen quickly.

Sometimes I’ve done this through various yoga, healing or reiki modalities I’ve studied, at other times I do it myself through my 40 day chakra balance program while at other times I seek the help from different therapists who help me transcend my physical or emotional ailments.

For most of us, unless this happens, we cannot be of greater service to the wider community and I know myself, I wont be able to hold the space as a healer for my clients and students trigger’s, unless I’ve already healed that inner space within myself.

Til next time!

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