Happy Equinox beloved! May the equal balance of day and night bring you a sense of clarity about your direction in life, a sense of peace within your heart and above all a loving integration of your own shadow and light.

The balance of my own darkness and light was severely tested this morning. I had spent the majority of yesterday on putting the final touches for my workshop tomorrow. Sequence and meditations were chosen, music playlist was meticulously organised, and I had a practice session with my dear friend Nigel who will be playing the didgeridoo for us.

To say that I was shining brightly and triumphantly in my light was an understatement.

Until I woke up this morning to discover my website had been hacked. Lets just say those chants coming out of my mouth weren’t exactly spiritual or yogic in nature, but hey that’s life, right? Mercury Retrograde may be over, but the shadow period that usually follows  is well and truly here folks.

Spring Equinox

Today (23 September) marks the ‘official’ first day of Spring, but if you’re anything like me, you had that date marked in your diary on the 1st September (and how much warmer was it then??). The sun and moon at this point lowers the magnetic field on earth. The veil to the upper and lower worlds can be accessed more easily so it’s a very auspicious time to set an intention and clear your energy in order to help our goals manifest a little easier.


pic by Chani Nicholas

What does it mean?

Equinox is the time of year where the light and dark meet equally. The sun and moon come into balance two times per year. The day and night are equal time. Everywhere on the planet will experience an opportunity to bring into balance both parts of themselves. A time to merge the dualities and find wholeness. The light and the dark are equal.

How is this significant?

It’s the third big milestone of the year in terms of seasonal transitions. Do you remember the intention you placed behind the seeds you sowed 6 months ago during the autumn equinox?

Well they’re now ready to blossom so that you can enjoy their fruit.

Ok but what does this really mean?

During Spring, we see and feel the energy of new growth in Mother Nature. We have the opportunity to consciously align with this energy to help us fuel the new beginnings we are creating in our lives.

For me personally, I set an intention to start a digital declutter. It had been a long time coming and part of me had been avoiding it as I knew that this would cause a ripple effect into the rest of my life.

And it DID turn out to be big. It went beyond clearing out my desktop, organising photos and filing things properly in my Dropbox. It took a lot longer than I expected because not only do I tend to get distracted by shiny new object syndrome, but my entire business got an overhaul which has affected the rest of my life.

By clearing out so much of what I no longer needed, enough space was created so I could welcome in new opportunities to land effortlessly. I’m now at a point of needing to decide how to structure my work that I may soon have to limit my appointment times to 3 days a week.

Ostara – When I discovered that Halloween is not actually Halloween for us in the southern hemisphere, my internal world needed a bit of time to process this.

I feel the same regarding Ostara. It kind of messes with my head, but it also brings to light how disconnected we are from the seasons, and more alarmingly how much we’ve been blindly copying American culture.

The word Easter comes from the name of the ancient anglo-saxon spring Goddess Eostra or Eostara. The Easter bunny and Easter eggs are all symbols of the fertility that happens to be celebrated at the Spring Equinox. Eggs are a symbol of new life.

Will you be joining me tomorrow? 

If you have a couple of spare hours tomorrow and feel like embarking on a transformational journey with me using some energy healing and kundalini yoga tools, then head to this link to book in.
Together we’ll share transformative kundalini yoga and meditation that will help you release stress and rejuvenate your nervous system. I look forward to seeing you there!

Til next time love bug, Patty xxx

P.S. I have a few spots left for my 1:1 balance sessions next week and you can book yourself in by clicking on this link and scrolling down to use the scheduling tool if you’d like to clear those pesky blocks. And as always, free group healings happen every Wednesday night over at my private Facebook group.