I truly don’t love how what we do for a living defines how we meet people instead of embracing each others paradoxes. Our occupations have become an introduction, an ice breaker and the meaning behind what we choose to share in conversations with new people.

If you’re anything like me and you suck at small talk, you’ll probably empathise with the pain I feel when I first sit at a table full of strangers at a friend’s wedding.

‘So what do YOU do?’ has never been my favorite question, mostly because the answer is no longer a simple statement.


Telling people I’m a yoga teacher and energy healer opens all kinds of cans of worms ranging from the pros and cons of bikram & kundalini yoga as well as the different shamanic practices that range from being practical to downright kooky.

The reaction I get when I tell people I’m a wedding celebrant is my favorite. Responses range from ‘But why would you do THAT?’ to ‘Wow! Can you marry yourself?’

Riveting conversation. I know.

But the gift that I get to experience through my work, is getting to meet so many wonderful people that I wouldn’t have otherwise crossed paths with. And for this, I’m grateful everyday.

During a wedding rehearsal, I was helping a couple that I’ll be marrying later this year with their ceremony introduction. I asked them to tell me a little about each other in their own words.

The bride responded by saying ‘Well I’m a painter and very woo woo, and he works in finance’

Her hubby to be was quick to add ‘Yeah, but I’m not like most bankers, ‘coz  I freakin’ LOVE the woo woo’

As you can imagine, their ceremony is going to be absolutely hilarious, as she’s a practical painter and he’s a banker who’s bonkers. A match made in love heaven – but more so because each of them is comfortable with their own paradoxes.

A paradox is a lighthearted way to embrace the yin and the yang within you. The dark shadow side of your personality with the lighter fun aspect as well.

I wanted to share 20 paradoxes that have come from some of the workshops, courses and 1:1 balance sessions I’ve shared over time. I’ve slotted mine in there as well. Can you guess which one described me?

  1. The Cranky Earth Mother
  2. The Stupid Genius
  3. The Emotional Intellect
  4. The Spiritual Fashionista
  5. The Free-Spirited Control Freak
  6. The Messy Organiser
  7. The Gossipy Meditator
  8. The Reluctant Leader
  9. The Disorganised Neat Freak
  10.  The Mumsy Fashionista
  11. The Gregarious Introvert
  12. The Clumsy Dancer
  13. The Outgoing Loner
  14. The Lazy Workaholic
  15. The Intellectual Artist
  16. The Practical Intuitive
  17. The Lonely Socialite
  18. The Romantic Plumber
  19. The Creative Mathematician
  20. The Bossy Pacifier

Did you guess which one was mine? 😉 I’d love to hear YOUR paradox in the comments below.

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