Doubt is one of the biggest hindrances when it comes to manifesting our dreams. As a verb, it manifests as fear, as being suspicious or lacking confidence but as a noun, it’s an uncertain belief or opinion that often interferes with decision making.

Doubt is a mental state in which the mind remains suspended between 2 or more contradictory propositions unable to agree to either. Doubt is a lack of faith – its fear and uncertainty which I believe is a very natural process in life.

is doubt really such a disaster?

What becomes problematic is when ‘doubt’ becomes our ‘normal’ state – much like the same can be said about anger, sadness or depression.

Can we use this emotion as a tool for transformation? How can we renovate it so that it doesn’t overwhelm us?

Sometimes feelings of doubt are obvious and appear in our everyday vocabulary with no filter, which only attracts similar people and situations back to us like a frisbee. On other occasions, it’s more subtle, as it lives in your head and stops you from following your intuitive prompts and gut instincts.

Faith, hope and optimism are easier for us to feel when we are in flow, but we need to access these emotions (even more so!) during the spaces in between and even more so when we feel stuck.

When we doubt our own ability to manifest our dreams, we are sending these vibrations to the universe who in turn, will keep the bar low for us in order to match our stumpy frequency.

Everything in our life has duality, which means that most things in our life have the ability to transform. When we open the portal of doubt and burrow down the rabbit hole, we have the ability to find the very antidote to our distress.

The only way this can happen, is if we activate our inner source of power, which means remaining neutral and detached from a specific outcome, and ensuring that we remain kind, compassionate and genuinely curious about what we uncover.

The minute we judge ourselves for being out of alignment and out of sync, is when we compromise our ability to access a healing elixir, and often end up swallowing a bitter pill instead.

Like most big transformations, doubt can be used as a catalyst for change so that we can rise up and believe in the process of hope and positivity.

Buddhist teachings continue to educate us about how the greatest cause of suffering, is the constant desire for things (or people) to be different. Once we accept a situation, or in this case, a feeling, for what it is, acceptance becomes powerful as it prevents our nervous system from being re triggered with the same stress.

Doubt will visit us to tell us that we are deficient. When we’re balanced, we can easily access feelings of hope and faith. When we’re excessive, we can be arrogant.

Doubt will precede fear, and if we don’t accept it, it can have a paralysing effect on us which can help us neutralise the activated emotion. Once we accept this feeling – we take its power away by not allowing it to fester by continually talking or wallowing about it.

Remember what it’s like to have a throat infection where most foods that you’d previously thought were delicious are now tasteless? If you eat sugary foods, they’ll only inflame the infection, so most of us learn to up the ante on fresh vegetables and broths.

It’s the same when you’ve lost your mojo. Until you are able to vibrate at a higher level, it’s time to let it go and focus on the things that lift your spirits and help you feel naturally in flow and aligned.

Most heavy emotions are temporary. As sensitive humans, we forget that they are an essential rite of passage that help us move on to a different stage in life.

How would we know that it’s time to up level if something significant in our life was no longer feeling right? And then how would we know that we had subconscious blocks to clear if something wasn’t quite feeling right?

Unless we clear that heaviness, doubt, anger, or sadness, we’ll only ever move forward to a similar frequency, and that’s just another fancy way of describing what it feels like to be stuck in a rut.

Sometimes my clients come to see me telling me that they long to meet their life partner, but their alignment is so off kilter that I find myself hoping they don’t find someone right now, for it’s highly unlikely going to be a happy or conscious union.

As Dr Bruce Lipton says, “the moment you change your perception, is the moment you rewrite the chemistry of your body.”

Easier said than done, huh? Someone reminded me of this the other day and I thought you might find this little nudge helpful as well.

Til we meet again, I’m sending you lots of love,

Patty Kikos