Happy Solstice and World Yoga Day to you!
Years ago during my world travels, I would pride myself on living an endless summer as I moved from country to country following the sun.
Although I still find autumn to be the most challenging of the 4 seasons, I’m much more open to living a reality that honours the different cycles of life.
Solstice Blessings
Perhaps the fact that I am challenged shows that I still have much to learn about true surrender and the importance of embracing natural change in my life.
Today, we antipodeans are experiencing the winter solstice marking the longest night/shortest day of the year. Tomorrow, our trans atlantean friends will welcome the summer solstice and the longest day/shortest night of the year.
It is indeed a potent time for transformation as the veils are thinned and we have great access to the acceleration of cosmic consciousness frequency that can accelerate our ascension process.
I felt the portal open a few days ago during a particularly cold and rainy day in Sydney as I was overcome with extreme fatigue and an unusually strong need to rest.
Yogi Bhajan who bought kundalini yoga to the west is known for saying:
“Revolve your life around summer and winter solstice and everything will be taken care of. Come home when you can because there are two things in life — Summer Solstice and Winter Solstice — when the divine cosmic energy can help to elevate your consciousness and your breath.”
During the winter solstice, the sun comes closer to the horizon than at any other time during the year, giving way to the least amount of daylight annually. On the bright side, the day after the winter solstice marks the beginning of longer days leading up to the summer solstice.
For our American or European friends, it will be the opposite as you welcome the Summer Solstice after which days will become progressively shorter. Many of my friends overseas experienced an unusually long and colder winter. I’m happy that they’re now living their best lives as they send me pics and videos from Santorini and Ibiza.
In the tradition of Kundalini Yoga: solstices, equinoxes, full and new moons are respected and celebrated as energetic gateways that can be accessed for spiritual transformation.
For me personally, this portal before the Spring Equinox in September will be a yin time that will include plenty of physical rest, but I’m also immersed in some exciting trainings and studies that I’m excited to share with you soon!
For those that are coming to my YOU ARE ENOUGH wellness retreat on 17 – 19 August, you’ll get to experience some of this juiciness first, and if you haven’t already signed up, remember the EARLY BIRD price ends soon!
The title and theme of this retreat reflects much of the inner work that I have been doing and is also a mirror for my desire to be of greater service to the world.
When I read the news, I often feel a sense of helplessness.
I know that this feeling is not of great use, for it lowers my vibration and limits my ability to access higher realms of consciousness. I also know that it is indicative of me needing to do more inner healing so that I can embody that expansiveness.
I feel like I made a soul contract to come to this earth as a light worker. It is my calling more than anything else and this is a huge part of why I teach courses, workshops and retreats..
If you also feel the call to be of service as a divine conduit for love and healing, then perhaps you’d like to join me to clear your light channels and share your own unique perspective and wisdom with us by remembering who you are beyond this body while you activate your magical gifts.
Today marks a special day for me in my OTHER profession where I moonlight as a celebrant. I’m marrying a couple who have been together for over 30 years. They were childhood sweethearts that lived on the same street in their little village in the UK, but ended up marrying other people in their 20’s.
After several years, they realised that despite how much they loved the children that they’d had with their respective partners, ultimately they were still in love and couldn’t bare to be apart.
Their separation from their spouses was predictably unceremonious and labelled as utterly scandalous, hence their decision to move to a land called OzTrailYa that was far, far away.
Why am I even telling you this? Other than the fact that I am a hopeless romantic and possibly a nosy parker, I’m sharing this in the spirit of reminding you that it’s ok to make waves.
Life, relationships, interactions and transitions are not always clear and they’re not always comfortable. Honouring the calling of our soul will sometimes mean that others may disagree with us at best, or even choose to no longer be in our lives at all.
It’s really OK. What is meant for you, will never go by you, even if it takes longer for it to manifest in the physical than it did for your loved ones.
From the depth of my soul, I truly believe that it’s never too late to start something new, and you’re never too old to find love, happiness or to experience growth.
I must dash. Sending you oodles of solstice magic and LOVE,
Patty Kikos
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