Do you ever get job envy?

I do.

I want to be a DJ, a stylist, and author.

In many ways, I already think that I am a DJ (the playlists for all my events are always meticulously put together), a stylist (I’ve styled 2 friends on their respective photo shoots – but I bang on about it as though they were Yves Saint Laurent or Gucci) and an author (hey, you’re reading this blog post aren’t you?)

And I must say, I sometimes I hear it from others “who would love to be a yoga teacher or a marriage celebrant”, and I’m not gonna lie, it does make me feel good about myself.

But the truth is, at this stage of where my business is at, I actually spend a lot more time on the computer than most people realise.

And although I employ a great team that have been integral in my business’ growth, the truth is, there’s still a bit more work that needs to go into some upcoming special projects before I move on to the next exciting phase of my life.

I met Lynne when we were both guest speakers for The Entourage’s Scalable and Salable program and we hit it off immediately.


The ensemble she was wearing made her my mix and match spirit animal, but it’s the passion that she has for what she does as a stylist that really lights up her beautiful face.

Much like the way I work with my 1:1 sessions, it’s also important for Lynne to tap into how her precious clients want to FEEL before helping them embody that through their choice of clothing.

She was gracious enough to interview me for her blog and you can watch our interview right here, but I also want to tell you a little about her entrepreneurial journey.

Several years ago, Lynne was very happy with her job as the Operations Manager for the Red Cross Recycled Boutiques. It was a role that she was passionate about, yet at the same time, felt compelled to attend a personal development seminar.

When I asked her what initially drew her to the seminar, she said that despite loving her job, she didn’t feel like she was in control of her finances and was drawn to this seminar in the hope of adding some inspirational tools to her existing toolkit.

And as it turned out, she was in precisely the right place at exactly the right time, for this not only inspired her to commence her life coach training, but her light bulb moment came when one of the coaches running the seminar raved about the an image consultancy course she’d just completed and how she combined it with her life coaching.

And so the idea was born. Wouldn’t it be interesting to combine life coaching and styling together?

One of the reasons I think Lynne is so successful is that she made this career transition from a position of power. I truly believe that the space you leave from is often the space you land in, because energetically, you’re running on a similar vibration.

When I went to see Esther Hicks channel Abraham’s teachings last year, she also said something similar.

The relationship you want aint coming now because you aren’t a vibrational match to the relationship you want. The way to get there is to get there unconditionally beforehand. Stop noticing what is or isn’t about it. Feel the un-condition of being happy and loved. Be love FIRST.

But back to Lynne’s story, post weekend seminar, she decided to take 2 weeks of annual leave and complete the image consultancy course as well as the life coach training in the evening’s part time as her intention was for her work to have a massive impact on people’s lives.

Most people work with a stylist when they’re undergoing a major life change such as a divorce, post birth, a new job, moving countries, launching a new business and coming into a different stage in their life.

Lynne wanted more than to get people to buy a new top, or to look pretty in a new dress. Her coaching training added a whole new dimension to her work because when she would first meet people, she discovered that she was far more interested in why they wanted a new look and the reasons why they wanted to change their life.

Like most of us that have some sort of role within the wellness industry, there is so much satisfaction that comes from seeing people transform their lives and achieve their goals.

It also involves helping them to come to terms with belief systems and old stories what used to work for them versus what works well now.

A great example of what she sometimes hears is “This isn’t usually my body, I’ve put on..”

To which Lynne replies with “Well it is your body today – so let’s love it right now!”

Amen sister. Amen.

Check out our interview below where we discuss all things vintage, styling and how important it is to be comfortable with what you wear.

LOVED being interviewed by Lynne Stockdale from Stylish You – my vintage loving inner fashionista feels completely validated! Oh and we got the date of my workshop wrong – it’s 21 Feb – not 22 – and there’s only one spot left

Patty Kikos and Lynne Stockdale interview