We are able to manage our energy better with our teams, our tribes, our clients and those nearest and dearest to us when we are able to understand it and work to balance it when it is depleted. We become a magnet for success when we set up our energetic fields to attract just that… success.

Managing your energy starts with understanding that you can shift or change it. It is no wonder that these 8 extraordinary entrepreneurs have developed their own little rituals to keep their gorgeous souls topped up with radiance.

I know as you hear what they have to say, ideas will begin simmering on how you can bring some of these small, yet life-changing, patterns into your own life.

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1. Take time for stillness.


“I meditate twice a day and take time for stillness to notice the areas in my body that need focus, love or attention for things to change, shift or grow. Thanks to Patty for keeping me accountable for self-awareness, I’m better able to ‘listen’. Listen to myself, listen to others and listen to the gentle pulls of intuition.”

Kate Kendall
Yoga Director at Flow Athletic


2. Be grateful in the moments directly after you wake up and before you fall asleep.


“I try to do a formal gratitude meditation every day but on days when that’s not possible I ALWAYS light a candle (usually as I wake up but sometimes in the evening before bed) and give thanks for the many blessings in my life.  Many sacred texts and masters tell us that the moment of waking and falling asleep each day are very important and I try to have those moments be grateful ones. It helps me keep a better sense of the bigger picture and what’s really important and I get less stressed over the small stuff.”

Katie Manitsas
Yoga Teacher and Activist


3. Check in with yourself.


“What really keeps me sane is making sure I spend some time with myself – Mindful Time. I usually do this in the mornings when it’s quiet and before I start my day. I check in with myself and observe my mood. When I’m ready, I’ll start to visualise my day for motivation = SANITY! Connecting myself to the earth daily changed my ability to be more agile with an ever revolving door in life. My flow is more adaptable and my perception of time is more mindful (you could even say I’ve slowed time down to my advantage 🙂 It’s easy to get caught up with the hustle and bustle of life but a few simple rituals each day is what creates more appreciation and direction in my life.”

Simonne Lee
Animal Communicator 


4. Set aside non-negotiable “me time”.


“Before I go anywhere near email or any work at all, I take the time out to have a quiet breakfast at my favourite cafe – often with my husband. That is our sacred time together and no matter how crazy this may sound, this one is non negotiable in my diary 🙂 Instead of trying to push myself to do more yoga I implemented one simple thing that Patty mentioned to me, and that is to do 5-10 mins morning and evening of the triangle pose with deep breathing. It is SO easy to incorporate this without the fuss of a big routines!  This makes me more self aware and I am definitely easier on myself than I used to be. I recognise the need to go within more often – especially as I am a very busy entrepreneur!!”

Barbara Turley
Wealth Strategist


5. Focus on your breath.


“I practice Pranayama  (control of breath) to build up my energy reserves and keep my voice and breath strong throughout the day. This practice energises me physically as it feeds my auric body by giving me sense of radiance and protection. I also take the time to fill in a daily gratitude journal.  Having such a mindful practice is deeply nourishing to the heart and opens me up to more gratitude and grace in so many other areas of my life.”

Dr Vanessa Strauss 
Yoga Teacher & Acupuncturist


6. Cultivate a deep connection to your heart.


“My one daily ritual is to take time out everyday to light a candle, burn incense, connect deeply with myself, and give thanks to the Creator ~ for my life, for my work, and for my loved ones. I have discovered that there are many ways to ‘pray’. The one simple and yet powerful change that I’ve implemented into my daily routine has been Patty’s Heart Chakra teachings and Kundalini Yoga sequence every morning. I absolutely love it! As we know, the heart centre is the most powerful place for us to manifest our goals and dreams and I have found that abundance in all areas of my life has increased exponentially. I feel that my life is also flowing with more ease, grace and joy since implementing the Heart Chakra sequence.”

Beata Alfoldi
Shamanic Practitioner & Healer 


7. Make time to meditate in a way that feels right for you.


“My one daily ritual that keeps me sane as an entrepreneur is deep breath meditation whilst listening to the music I love in the morning. This grounds my sometimes-flighty soul, helps keep me in-tune and gives insight to my day. A simple yet profound change I’ve experienced through Patty’s chakra teachings, is making time for what I like to call ‘balance before bed’.  My former self thought it enjoyed working 50+ hour weeks to achieve ‘goals’ and have a great life. This led to waking 4 hours before I was supposed to and not feeling so great after all. Even though I’d changed my routine and working habits over the last year, my sleep was still completely out of sync. Patty’s chakra balance course is helping to get my sleep back into a regular pattern (after trying everything including deep breathing and weekly acupuncture). Because I’m quite energetic with a ‘monkey mind’, and currently experiencing a big transition this is exactly what I need to shift into my new consciousness. I have to say the heart chakra kundalini yoga session in Patty’s course is my favourite before bedtime. I can choose to listen to the audio on my iPhone or watch on my laptop. The gratitude journal is inspiring too! I work with the law of attraction and understand the immense benefits of a grateful heart.  It’s empowering to add three things to be grateful for each day. It only takes a few minutes and at the end of the 40 days that’s 120 things to be grateful for.  How good is that? ”

Tameera Kemp 
Astrologer, Numerologist  & Feng Shui Expert


8. Find ways to change your perspective regularly.


“At least once a day I step outside into nature on my deck and don’t bring my phone. No matter how stressful or big the problems seem, the fresh air, sounds of the birds and shared company with my cat (if I am lucky) shifts my perspective. I like Patty’s meditation MP3s as well since they are easy to listen to at my desk.  Even though I know I am meant to completely tune out when listening to them I find they also can help work flow and somehow subconsciously help me to take deeper breathes and see the project I am working on differently…to appreciate my work.”

Heather Porter
Online Education and Automation Expert


Now it’s up to you. What little rituals can you bring into your life?

You don’t have to wear the weight of the world on your shoulders…unless you want to!  You don’t have to feel like a slave to your business…unless you choose to.  You don’t have to feel depleted and like you don’t have anything left to give…unless you keep doing what you are doing.

We can all get caught up in toxic patterns where we forget we have choice. Or we can hit a plateau and forget that we actually have the power to break through it.

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What have you done to top up your energy reserves and radiate as an energetic entrepreneur?