Happy 2019 beloved! It feels kinda weird wishing you a happy new year given that it’s already the last day of January, but in my admittedly weak defence, we are about to celebrate the new Chinese year of the Earth Pig

While you’ve probably seen that 2019 corresponds to a number 3 (2+0+1+9 = 12 & 1+2=3), this year we are encouraged to pay tribute to balancing the sacred trifecta of our body, mind and spirit.

I saw a meme on my Instagram feed that said ‘I’ve decided that my 2019 will start on February 1, as January was a free trial month’, which made me giggle, but it couldn’t be further from the truth for me.

I hope the rest of the year unfolds exactly like it started. Full of vast, open space, ocean swims, Netflix and time to read books for fun – not for research. January is my favorite month of the year in Sydney as the school holidays mean there’s hardly any traffic and peak wedding season has me in full celebrant mode.

Here’s a peak at 3 of the weddings I’ve been blessed to preside over so far this year. You’ll notice that they’re all so different and I feel very blessed to be able to hold such a sacred space that gives me the opportunity to not only make friends, but to meet people that I would otherwise never cross paths with.

When I ask my clients how they want to feel, most will say ‘happy’ and while this is certainly a good start, ultimately, it means something different for us all. When we delve even deeper, I’ve noticed that many of us are either so stressed or anxious, we don’t always feel safe enough to be ABLE to relax and feel happy.

My wish for you is that you know and FEEL that you are supported.That the dark space you might be feeling is not going to last forever.

I want you to know that it’s OK if you don’t always feel good.
And that you’re not ‘bad’ or ‘wrong’ for being the only one in your family, workplace or friendship group that doesn’t resonate with THAT specific person or THAT particular situation.

My wish for you is that you don’t automatically feel like the ‘bad’ person, just because you noticed something dark in someone else’s personality.

And that if you constantly have to convince yourself to go somewhere or talk yourself into being around someone toxic, it’s probably time to change the dynamics of that connection.

I want for you to know that the point of life is not to avoid making mistakes, but to know that you can learn from disappointments, for most of the time it’s the rite of passage that was necessary for you to take the next step.

My intention is to live a life that allows me to feel joy. It’s an emotion that I want to embody in all facets of my existence and I don’t want it to be limited to just my personal life.

This is why I think of my professional life as some form of a holy trinity. My private practice includes my yoga workshops + kinesiology clients and I have my business as a celebrant. As of October last year, I also have a contract as a social worker in Child Protection with children in foster placements or out of home care.

When people hear this, they often remark that this sounds like a lot and in reality it’s not. I work for several hours over several days and sometimes those days overlap, which allows me time to decompress completely when I’m with my beloveds.

I yearn for a simple life filled with love and happiness and this is why doing everything I love for a living is so important to me. It’s also why I’m blessed that I don’t need to hustle with Facebook ads or big advertising campaigns, for I don’t need to manifest a large quantity audience in order to make a living.

It’s also why my energy doesn’t wane by being extended in so many different directions; as the quality connections I’m blessed to cultivate actually nourish my spirit instead of depleting it.

I speak often of how our interactions with people can often be categorized into 3 thirds. The 1st third being the key supportive people that are aligned with our values and support us, the 2nd third comprised of mostly acquaintances and the 3rd third encompassed mainly of people who will never understand us.

As sensitive souls, many of us undergo a rite of passage where we don’t always incarnate into a family that is our 1st third, yet we are pressured into forging relationships that are simply not destined to be close or supportive. Or sometimes our growth has moved into the opposite direction and we’re forcing a relationship to be what we wish it could be, or perhaps what it used to be.

Sometimes we’re pitched into a mix of people that is based on the pure geography of where we live, work or study and even who our partner is related to – not who we would necessarily choose as our friends. And such begins the process of accepting, allowing so that we can unfurl and re structure our connections.

Til we meet again, I’m sending you lots of love,
Patty Kikos