Wow, today finally feels like Autumn! On Friday night I officiated a wedding in the Northern Beaches and for the first time felt super chilly after the sun had set. Yesterday, I spent the day with my family in honour of Mother’s Day and am feeling replenished enough to start my work week in full steam.

I realised that I started this year by hitting the ground running in my professional life, so at the beginning of April, I decided that my intention for the 2nd quarter of the year was going to be ‘EASE’. This inspired me to start a 40 day kundalini yoga breath meditation to help me embody it – but really, ore than anything, I needed something that would help me calm my nervous system. (If you’re interested, email me and I’ll send you a copy.)

Most of you know that I’m a huge fan of new beginnings and last Saturday’s new moon in Taurus was certainly no exception. You see, Taurus (ruled by Venus) is the archetype of the enjoyer and pleasure seeker of the zodiac, so I’m all in baby, especially as come Wednesday, I’m in need of a new 40 day practice to keep me on the straight and narrow (translation: focused) and I thought it would be fitting to get a head start.


I say this because in true form, the Universe will always balance the darkness with the light, and in my case, it was the other way around. Surprisingly, by calling in ease and doing my very best to embody this in all facets of my life, I couldn’t help but notice old ‘hard work’ stories bubble to the surface and rear their workaholic heads.

I felt guilty for saying no to certain people; projects and events as though I was fighting my pre programmed DNA that was hell bent on overcoming hurdles and obstacles on a regular basis. So if this wasn’t happening on a regular basis, how was I going to function?

During times of transition and change when I don’t necessarily see the results I want, I find that I can get reactive and seek countless external solutions instead of remaining focused and making the few necessary adjustments or tweaks.

It inadvertently ends up creating more work for myself and leaves me feeling more overwhelmed and befuddled than ever. I’ve also come to learn that by allowing myself to receive, not only do I increase my own intuition, but I also magnify my energy and ability to give to others.

There’s a side to me that’s very giving and maternal, but I’ve also noticed that it can get out of balance when I’m not so open to receiving (which is the essence of feminine energy) and this can sometimes block my flow. In recent months, I’ve learned that my receptivity is just as natural as my nurturing, giving energy, and when I receive, I actually have more resources to share with others when I speak my truth.

Taurus cultivates this level of prosperity and love not by hustling and striving, but by embodying the abundance of the moment. Given that a whopping 5 planets are in Retrograde right now, it highlights the importance of slowing down, releasing what no longer serves us, and choosing a more mindful way forward.

I wanted to let you know that I’m teaching an incredibly powerful workshop on Sunday 29 May in Maroubra and I would LOVE it if you joined me. (You’ll get the throat chakra e-course as a bonus, plus access to my private FB group where I give free healings every Wednesday).

I only have 7 spots left and one of the reasons I’m excited is because of the potent transformation and healing that takes place due to the intimacy of the group. We develop this energy centre from  7 – 12 years and when it is out of balance, we find ourselves feeling defensive, as well as having trouble listening.

When this chakra is under active, we find it difficult to speak up and express ourselves with ease, yet when its excessive we’re prone to being (or being around people) compulsive (over) talking and chronic interrupting.

This workshop will help you cultivate your clarity so that you can speak with a resonant voice, maintain clear boundaries, as well as enhance your overall communication.

As a ANOTHER BONUS offer, I’m offering all participants a heavily discounted 1:1 balance session so that you have the opportunity to heal any of the blocks that are stopping you from manifesting your goals with ease. EARLY BIRD ends next week so tell your bestie so you don’t miss out!

Hoping you’re also embracing your Inner Venus – Til next time, Patty xx